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    Deprogrammed: Trailer, Sort Of

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    Belle & Dubs Season 1 Promo

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    Deprogrammed: Before After the Fact #62 - Redemption?

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    Deprogrammed: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds


If you’ve ever looked at our lists and wondered how a song doesn’t make it … or are considering being on the show and want to know how to prepare, here’s some tips.

  • Listen to a few episodes.
    Nothing beats the first hand experience of hearing how the show flows. pick a band you like, maybe one that you’ve been wanting to get into.
  • Make your list. 
    • Compile your list of  YOUR top 20 songs by the artist.  Most well known, “Best,” personal favorites – or just ones that you want to talk about. Anything goes.  … basically.
    • Officially there are no rules, but know that if you go  off the deep end and choose a rare deep cut, it’s probably going to be a miss. Sometimes it’s worth sacrificing a pick to get some people to listen to a song.
    • Have things to say about the song picks! Why do you like them, why you don’t like others etc.
  • Show start
    • Each show starts with a brief discussion of why you love the artist.
    • Guess how many picks will be unanimous! If you guess right you’ll get the Final Say later.
  • The Game
    Think of this as musical “Go fish.”

    • Each panelist take turns naming songs from their list.
    • If the other panelists have it, the song moves ahead to the discussion round.
    • If it’s unanimous, it’s automatically in the list.
    • If no one has it — it’s GAHBIGE and you should feel bad for your terrible choices.
    • if not enough picks go through to the second round, New Trash Protocol kicks in and you’ll have to un-veto some!
  • Discussion round
    • Now you have the tough choice of narrowing down the 2+ person choices into a tight little top 10 list. Wheeling and dealing happens. Tears and agony. Many strong men have succumbed to the discussion round.
    • If you won the Final Say, that’s where it comes in. you get the ultimate choice for song 10!
    • You’ll also be asked to choose the Number One With a Bullet. that means if you could give only ONE song by this artist  to any random person, which would you choose?
  • Before & After the Fact
    • After the show you’ll do a short (?) segment for Justin’s patreon called “After the Fact”.
    • There might be a topic set ahead of time, there may be something that comes up during the show. it’s all very loosey goosey.
    • A highlight snippet of the show will become a teaser episode. Check Before After the Fact!

Does this sound like work? if so ignore everything you just read and bring your list. The most important thing is to hang out and have fun geeking out with friends about your favorite music.