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    Deprogrammed: Trailer, Sort Of

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    Belle & Dubs Season 1 Promo

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    Deprogrammed: Before After the Fact #62 - Redemption?

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    Deprogrammed: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Meri Birdwell

Hail Satan!

Meri is a child free, 48 year young goofball who has recently moved to the mountains. When she’s not working her 9-5 office job, she is doting on her three cats, enjoying a nice glass of wine, watching Game of Thrones, or fantasizing about Tom Hiddleston. Carrie Fisher liked her hair, and she’s in House Slytherin. Hail Satan!

Belle & Dubs S2 E8: Dude, Where’s My Camp?

The Ghostbaggers have a one track mind. Pr Fetis sets things straight. Jorge tells a chilling tale. Miss Patrice announces her new grand opening.


Belle & Dubs S2 E6: Elected to Suffer

Belle and Dubs return as hosts. Val Loutzenheiser is elected sheriff of Colter. A couple Wiseguys search for their fortune. Milly Vanilly returns to address Women’s Suffrage. Belle intervenes. — Send in a voice message:


Belle & Dubs S2 E5 : Huh Huh She Said Bone

The Mayor gives Jim & Steve the keys to the kingdom. Alice performs classical opera. Professor Jan Malcolm teaches about them bones. … More S2 E5 : Huh Huh She Said Bone — Send in a voice message:


Deprogrammed: Lady Gaga

Can’t read my podcast face. Meri, Stephen, and Justin kick back and talk all things Lady Gaga. Learn Em and Love Em People. — Send in a voice message:


Deprogrammed: Coldplay

Don’t panic, we’re gonna podcast. Meri and Peter are trying to explain Coldplay to Justin. Learn Em and Love Em People. — Send in a voice message:


Deprogrammed: Reverend Horton Heat

Do it. Do it. Do it. Record this one pod for me. Meri, Jody, and Justin sit down and discuss The Rev. Learn Em and Love Em People. — Send in a voice message:


Meri’s Funny Hometown

I have two things to say, and they’re related, so pay attention.   Thing one:  I am a fan of comedy.  Always have been.  SNL.  Monty Python.  Ricky Gervais.  Tina Fey.  Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Blah blah blah.  These are a few of my favorite things.  How do these human beings ...


How Tweet It Is (Meri’s Twitter Adventures)

When you’re as enamored of pop culture as I am, having close encounters with the people who make that pop culture is a super duper awesome fun-balls thing.  Not gonna lie, folks, I am a star struck goofball who loves to rub elbows with the rich and famous.  But that ...


Concerning Dragons

There’s been a creature that I’ve always loved and admired, but never really realized how much until recently.  A long lizard with the ability to fly, breathe flame, and be generally super badass.  Yes, I’m talking about a dragon!  Normally, I’m all about the cute and cuddly critters.  Nothing would ...


Why Tom Hiddleston is Awesome

Sure, the guy is super fine and British and tall and plays the most adored comic book villain in cinema history, but why do I spend hours upon hours of my life staring at photos and watching him in internet videos?  There’s got to be something extra special about Thomas ...


Meri Reviews Man Of Steel

    So, Man of Steel is finally in theaters.  Brought to us by Zack Snyder, the guy who brought you sleek, slo-mo adaptations of the comics 300 and Watchmen.  Written by David Goyer, who also scripted the Christopher Nolan Batman films.  And hey, Nolan himself produced and consulted on ...

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