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Why I Hate Red Dead Online – Trolling the Griefers

todayMay 9, 2022 412

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hey hey what’s up it’s your girl jay-z yeah i just wanted to do this video real quick today to show you guys how i personally deal with griefers in red dead online this is something that i’ve been doing since we used to play gta whenever people would just decide to kill us for no reason whatsoever player versus player is obviously a part of the game it’s not a part of the game that i enjoy it stresses me out so i decided to handle it in a way that is way more fun to me and of course delightfully stupid so all i’ve been doing lately is a few daily challenges i’ve got that sweet sweet 21 day quarter bar of gold mark so i’m trying to do as many as i can on a daily basis just because i’m like a dragon and i’m just hoarding and i’m not spending it on anything so we’re at the moonshine bar we’ve danced we’ve played washboard we’ve had a few drinks shared a few laughs etc now all i’ve got to do is go make some coffee and go visit madame nazar um or nasar i don’t know uh which we also do a series of videos on that showing you where to find her every day if you don’t know so go set up my wilderness camp make my last cup of coffee before i can even tear down my camp boom that bounty has caught up with me i fully deserved it i probably went on a shooting spree probably drag some bodies behind a train who knows i just know i deserve what the law is bringing to me right now and at this point for some reason i thought i could just go to the post office and pay it off and all will be forgiven and they wouldn’t let me so i hop back on my horse and i run for the hills i guess technically i was running for the swamp because my whole grand plan was to lure the bounty hunters into the swamp where they will be killed by alligators and i won’t have to deal with them i just wanted to run yes i’m a coward i’ve even asked my boyfriend to be a human shield for me i told him to keep them distracted so i can run he’s managed to kill one of them i think they killed him a couple times as i was off running as he was respawning they were able to somehow catch up now at this point i’ve realized my fate is sealed the law has come for me to make me atone for my sins the player got me that’s fine it’s all fair you know that’s part of the game i can’t argue but the problem is that they’ve shot my horse so i go back to run to revive it and you know i feel bad even if it’s just a cartoon video game horse even if it’s the enemy horse i feel bad like you know i guess it’s the empathy in me or whatever so i run back to get my horse as i approach i realize he’s standing there guarding it so he can just shoot me again why

what is the reason so all right here we go i’m gonna fight back even though my horse is probably gonna die at this point and oops i realized that the last thing i did combat wise before this was to turn to take over a moonshine operation silently so i’ve got a bow which is so useful oops i got my flame arrows in um and i’ve got a repeating shotgun neither are good at distance and i’m a bolt action rifle type of person hey and guess what all my weapons are on my dead horse i don’t even know why i’m trying at this point i don’t have weapons i can’t see [ __ ] he’s clearly more skilled at pvp so i decided to go into my strategy of what i like to call aggressive nonchalance what you do you put away all your weapons you don’t have anything in your hand you go up as close to them as possible without them being really in range so that you can just kind of taunt them a little bit just stand there now the key to this is to let them know that you do not care you are not trying because the harder you try the more they’re gonna enjoy it when they eventually kill you see here i’ve even thrown myself off a bridge to let them know how much i don’t care it keeps spawning me further away from them because i guess the game thinks that it’s trying to help me but what i want to do is to just keep rushing at them and not fight so i just have to keep standing there in a river waving boldly dancing perhaps while they kill me over and over and over the entire goal of this is to just break the pattern of what they expect from you they expect you to shoot back they don’t expect you to walk up to them on a hill and just wave when they shoot at you

now to be fair at this point i didn’t expect him to stop shooting he just walks up to me casually and i took my opportunity and just choked him out right there on the hill sorry about it but it all comes to an end right about here oh that was kind of awesome you set me on fire

all right that about does it for this one if you like this video please subscribe every monday for the next couple of weeks we have out some new bell and dubs parody commercial videos and subscribe to bell and dubs wherever you get your podcasts united we stupid

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