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Fictional Restaurants We Wish Were Real

todayJune 2, 2016 31

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You may have seen my previous Fatventures blog, meant to be the first in a series where I review food that I like. (I meant to write more, honestly, I just get caught up in EATING the stuff.) Local Ingress players may know I’ve also created Fatventures missions that take you to several great hackable restaurants.

Food is kind of my THING.

Sometimes, though, the most appetizing meals and unique restaurants don’t even exist. Here’s a list of my favorite fantasy foodie experiences in no particular order.

Big Kahuna Burger

Quentin Tarantino Universe
Mmm, that IS a tasty burger!
Mmmhmm, that IS a tasty burger!

Let’s be honest, that looks like a regular cheeseburger. No special toppings like chipotle aioli or onion straws. While I’d bet you can get a Big Kahuna burger with a pineapple slice or some teriyaki sauce slathered on it, this one appears to be a good ol’ fashioned fast food burger. But … a REALLY good one. And sometimes, that’s really all you want.

and speaking of Pulp Fiction, for dinner let’s head over to…

Jack Rabbit Slim’s

Pulp Fiction


This place isn’t just a place to eat, it’s an experience. Who doesn’t want to sit in a classic car to eat dinner with a date or friends? Before this movie I never thought Vanilla Coke was a thing, but now it’s one of my favorites.

Double R Diner

Twin Peaks

tumblr_lmxvxbcfKo1qzyfvyo1_r2_400Just look at the blissful expression on his face from the taste of the coffee. I need coffee that good in my life. Not to mention the cherry pie. They say it’s to die for.

Los Pollos Hermanos

Breaking Bad


Don’t tell me you didn’t crave fried chicken EVERY single time Los Pollos Hermanos was mentioned.  Something about theirs looked supernaturally good – maybe it was the way the characters talked it up, or maybe the element of danger added extra perceived flavor. Either way I’ll take a 4 piece extra spicy with an unsweet tea, please.

Soup Kitchen


giphyI want to know how amazing that soup really is. Now, the place WAS inspired by a real place in New York and you can purchase Original Soup Man products at your local store or online. Part of the appeal has got to be in the experience, though.

Top of the Muffin To You!


Elaine’s idea was somewhat brilliant, since the top of the muffin is clearly the best part. In fact you can now buy bullshit fake muffin tops like these in stores — surely an influence from Seinfeld. But the problem was always, what to do with the stumps?! May I suggest a muffin-based bread pudding, or perhaps rum balls?

The Green Dragon

Lord of the Rings


I can’t imagine a place that looks simply more fun and inviting than the idea of a couple pints at this Hobbiton pub. Technically you can go to a real life version in New Zealand, if you’re lucky enough to be near.

Big Bang Burger Bar & Milliways

Hitchhiker’s Guide Series


The ultimate excursion! Watch the universe impossibly come to life – or death – while you eat an exquisite meal alongside the most impressive celebrities who wioll haven existan (will exist but perhaps do not, just yet)*.  Join me and I’ll buy a round of jynnan tonnyx.

Honorable mentions:

Coming to Americaimages

I mean, really, it’s just a McDonald’s. But there, you can let your Souuuuuuuul shine!

Leaky Cauldron & Hog’s Head
Harry Potter UniverseWikia_DARP_-_The_Leaky_Cauldron_01

It doesn’t exactly count because you CAN go there if you visit Universal Studios, but the ambience just isn’t the same.


Hannibal’s Dinner Parties
Hannibal (NBC)



Technically not a restaurant, and yes WE know it’s usually made of people, but he made some tasty looking stuff.

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