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Fatventure – MEAT MOUNTAIN

todayApril 7, 2017 28 3

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Arby’s recently released an outrageous menu item. Before I had even seen an ad myself, friends were challenging me to try it. Although I rarely refuse a challenge regardless, seeing the pictures made me crave this challenge. Behold, the Arby’s MEAT MOUNTAIN:

I hit up the drive-thru, ordered food for my coworkers, too, claimed that meat mountain, added in a Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake.

Initially, I attempted to Facebook livestream the experience from my first bite through to the finish.

This is a link to the very short live video which will probably disappear soon. Sorry there isn’t a better way to share Facebook livestreams.

Unfortunately, my cell service at work is lacking, and my connection wasn’t strong enough for the livestream to work. I filmed myself while eating, and posted on our Facebook page. If you missed those videos, here’s the jist.


The sandwich is MASSIVE! Yes, MOUNTAIN massive.

Not only was it hard to fit in my mouth, it was also cold, and dry. The bottom layer of fried chicken was supposed to be hot, but the cold cuts piled on top were straight out of the fridge. The cheese isn’t melted, and there is no sauce or condiments of any kind topping it off.

The dryness of the sandwich made me grateful I had ordered that shake to wash it down.

Still, all that meat was hard to swallow…

My initial reactions are here is this video:


I ended that video feeling disappointed in the sandwich and my life in general, but nevertheless, I persisted in eating dat MEAT.

Around this moment is when I decided this shit needed some good ol’ Arby’s Horsey Sauce!

Like a ton of Horsey Sauce!


Once I had some moisture added, it got a bit easier to swallow. Here is the video of me finishing!


In the end, the $12 for this sandwich is not worth it. It’s dry and cold. Why bother? Dat shake, tho!

A+++++++++!!!!!! 10/10!!!!!!! Would SMASH!

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  1. Joe @geekyfaucet on April 7, 2017

    Wow. Who would have guessed that 6 and a half inches of meat would be anticlimactic. However, I think a lot of Italian men will appreciate you calling 6.5 inches “intense”. Well done L.

  2. Gary Lum on April 7, 2017

    Grateful Lauren that you persisted and gave us a good review. Sauce makes everything better. That milkshake though! Stellar.

  3. Jennie Zell on April 10, 2017

    I also tried the meat mountain and doused it in arbys and horsey sauce. I agree it basically wasn’t worth it! The fact that it wasn’t warm just made it AWFUL. For a tiny bit more i could get a Super Reuben from Rt 58 Deli, piled up with 2 lbs of hot, fresh sliced corned beef and pastrami, kraut, swiss cheese and all the russian dressing I could ever want.

    So I guess I know what I’m getting for lunch today.